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About Us

Planet Aid is committed to helping poor and disadvantaged citizens of the Earth improve their lives and the lives of future generations. We support people and communities in the poorest regions of the world through projects addressing health, education, food production, and income generation. Planet Aid is committed to peace and to humanity and we care deeply about the Earth as the home we share with millions of other species.

Reusing discarded items from the rich part of the world as a vehicle to increase income and improve lives in other parts is good for the Earth and thus benefits all of us.

Through our actions, Planet Aid seeks to inform and to promote cooperation and understanding between people across countries and continents. 

Our Objectives as expressed in the Articles of Incorporation are as follows: 

Emergency and Disaster Relief
- serving victims of hunger, war, natural disasters, atomic accidents, plagues and other catastrophes.
- assisting in relocating people and rebuilding areas affected by these types of disasters.

- serving poorer nations, the poorest of the world's populations and self-organizing development initiatives.
- undertaking all kinds of development projects worldwide including, but not in any way limited to: schools, clinics, mini-banking, farming and small-scale industry. 

Protection of the Natural Habitat 
- serving threatened elements of the Earth's atmosphere, soil, plants and animals. 
- initiating protective actions to preserve rivers, seas and forests from misuse. 
- undertaking all sorts of projects aimed at protecting the natural habitat of the Earth.

Building the Organization
- serving the general public so as to make it possible for it to participate in many ways in the activities of the organization.
- establishing educational facilities for the training of personnel and volunteers.
- forming members' associations, initiating support groups and establishing a worldwide network of cooperators and activists.Research and Innovation. 
- serving the above-mentioned activities by developing methods and systems for their implementation.
- producing and distributing informative materials to the public which contain basic and specific information about the above-mentioned activities.
- producing organizational, informative materials so as to organize schools to participate in the above-mentioned activities.