The Salvation Army, Amsterdam

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About Us

Are you looking for adventurous ministry? Trying to find out what your mission is? Do you want to roll up your sleeves? And deepen you faith? In the inner city of Amsterdam, notorious for its drugshops and red lights, the Salvation Army launches a new project for young adults, called Find Your Mission.

Find Your Mission is a three week urban ministry programme of the Salvation Army in the Netherlands. Participants live, work and learn in the inner city of Amsterdam. Find Your Mission if from 19th July till the 8th of August 2014.

"The Army was born on the streets, and its where we feel at home. Strangely enough I feel 'in the right place' when I walk along the canals enclosed with red lights" says Adiël Vader, programme leader of the Army's new initiative. "It's time for a generation to stand up, roll up its sleeves, and do something" continuous Adiël, "that's why we launched Find Your Mission. It's exploring the heart of God for people, deepening your faith, being equiped and serve. And all of that in a challengeing environment."