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About Us

Back Ground:

Bakadde Foundation Network is a registered non-profit making (non-governmental Organization.) created to empower the elderly community and the Orphaned grand children in Uganda enabling them to effectively take part in all society activities that affect them directly and indirectly thus boost their socio-economic status. The elderly deemed non-productive and of no sound use in society because of this negative attitude, the elderly are left out of all matters in society and socio-economic planning. This has highly affected their health, economics and social status negatively therefore because at BAFNET humanity is our faith, we are out to redeem this to its positive end through a series of projects such as provision of shelter, health care, empowerment seminars and nation wide sensitization programs. BAFNET is a member of Idealist Organization of USA,partners with Women Thrive World Wide an Organization that empowers women worldwide (USA), Euromed-youth Platform, Safe world for women, Rise and Shine (Jinja and Kamuli District) and Empower and Care Organization (Mukono, Kayunga and Maracha District) that cares for disadvantaged orphans, widows and elderly of Mukono district-Uganda

Our Vision:

To have a society as a leading driver of good socio-economic development in Uganda and beyond

Our Mission:

To enhance, in partnership with others the caring, treatment, protection and development of old aged people from all forms of poor socio-economic situations, thereby ensuring that they are living a better life like other people the region irrespective of the environment.

Our Core values:

  • A Caring attitude
  • Dignity and Mutual respect,
  • Integrity,
  • protection and development

Our Objectives:

The objectives for which the Bakadde Foundation Network is being established are:

1) To enhance and empower old aged people and orphans to a better life and enable them involve fully in activities in the society.

2)To promote and strengthen freedom and independence of old aged people in the region and link the gap between the youth and the elderly people in Uganda

3)To initiate the community to advocate for support and education of old aged people and orphans. (Community homes)

4) To change the life of poverty-stricken older people and their families through fund support, provision and empowerment through lobbying and advocating with donors.

5)Training, Community Sensitization, Counseling and guidance.

6) Linking beneficiaries to other development agencies or non profit organizations from other parts of the world through partnership and networking.

SCOPE: National and Regional

Activities/ Services carried out by the Bakadde Foundation Network:

1) Psychosocial support.

2) Counseling and guidance.

3) Economic empowerment.

4) Training, Awareness and Capacity building.

5) Community sensitization.

6) Monitoring and evaluations.

7) Forming networks and creating network opportunities.

8) Lobbying and advocating with donors etc. "

Address and Location;

The head office is located in Mubarak Zone,

Mpalanyi lane Makindye Division, Kampala, Uganda

TEL: +256703986277, +256757034854