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About Us

On Saturday, November 3rd,cities across the nation will kick off simultaneous flash mobs in support of President Obama on the same day as part of the “National Dance for Obama." I’m inviting you to take part in this innovative and unprecedented display of individuals in geographically distinct locations coming together in support of the President. As First Lady Michelle Obama might say, Let’s Move! Let’s create a nation dancing for Obama.

Why Dance for Obama?

  • To unite across the US, under the powerful medium of dance, in support of the Obama campaign. To re-ignite that excitement that was so palpable in 2008.
  • Take action and become a part of a fun grassroots initiative. With the race as close as it is right now, this is no time for apathy, but rather a time to think about your role in shaping the direction of the country. Let’s express that for those things we haven’t had the opportunity to do yet, we still can. That when we act in unity, we set things in motion. We can demonstrate the power of numbers. We can make President Obama's second term happen.
  • To create a sensation across the country by generating media coverage and viral sharing of the flash mob videos, which will also include personal interviews with participants sharing why they are dancing for Obama.

Who’s organizing this?

This is a grassroots effort completely independent of the Obama campaign started by a choreographer from Boston and being led by a passionate team of artists and Obama supporters.

Our hope is to recruit a large number of young people around the country to participate in this one of a kind event.

What we need now is you!

We are looking for dancers (no dance experience needed!), regional leaders, regional dance instructors, videographers, and video editors in the regional efforts.

Please note that none of these roles will require an extensive time commitment and it is expected that mobs will be smaller in small cities. If you are planning to volunteer for the Obama campaign, please continue to do so! We do not intend for this to be a replacement for getting involved in the campaign but rather, another way to excite and motivate youth to join the campaign in phonebanking or canvassing. Dancers will only need to commit to a rehearsal, the flash mob date, and rehearsing at home off a video link. A person leading his/her region will recruit friends, college students/student groups and community groups over email as well as organize logistics on the rehearsal/event dates.

Please respond immediately if interested or if you have any questions, as we will be finalizing details as rapidly as possible. Email Anjali Khurana at Please indicate in the subject line the name of the state in which you will participate and the role you would like to play (i.e. dancer, regional leader, regional dance instructor, videographer, or video editor).

Feel free to send this message on to others you feel may be interested in participating (including in other states across the US).

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