PSSA- Forum on Early Warning and Early Response

About Us

PSSA- Forum on Early Warning and Early Response is a global network of thirty-one organisations, including civil society networks, non-governmental and inter-governmental organisations, universities and research institutes. FEWER aims to provide early warning and promote co-ordinated, early responses to violent conflict in volatile regions of the world. This is accomplished through the following mechanisms:

1. Early warning and early response networks that seek to inform regional peacebuilding efforts, and engage with relevant local, regional and international actors to promote co-ordinated early responses to violent conflicts 2. Methodology development and training aimed at strengthening the methodological base of early warning and early response efforts, both by linking research and practice in the field, and sharing lessons learned with the broader peacebuilding community 3. Expertise exchange aimed at creating and sharing an expert knowledge base to tackle the obstacles to peace in different regions 4. Outreach, fundraising, and operational support to ensure that early warnings reach key decision-makers, and that the operational basis of FEWER’s activities is both sustainable and sound.

The Regional Office in Nairobi provides hands-on support in project management and outreach. The network offices in Moscow (FEWER-Eurasia), Nairobi (FEWER-Africa) and WANEP are mandated to ensure that the FEWER common agenda is implemented. The regional offices of FEWER ensure an international quality assurance mechanism, oversee international dissemination, support fundraising efforts, and is responsible for financial management and donor reporting. In addition, the regional offices undertake international awareness raising and engagement with policymakers,. Exchange of expertise within the network is also a core function of the FEWER –Africa, and Eurasia offices. For work in Ituri, the expertise of partners such as John Katunga of the Nairobi Peace Initiative and the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (South Africa) have been drawn upon to facilitate training sessions and workshops.