About Us

To create avenues for production, Income and self employment at home for the unemployed youth. To improve the condition of the pluralist civil society through improvement of homestead natural, physical, social, human & financial capital at homestead. To enhance resource generation. To engross upon reproductive Health care management including prevention of primary disease and STD/HIV/AIDS. Prevention of drug abuse to supplement any other government programme. Homestead based five capital development (Natural, Physical, Human, Social and Financial capital) through self-employment of the unemployed youth at home-Approved by Ministry of Social Welfare Referred by ERD to CIDA for funding. Area : Rajapur, Jhalokati.

IEC on reproductive health care management through distribution of Book "Projonan Shastha Paricharza" on cost recovery system.

Book Developed by OSDUY Approved by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare -Information Education and Communication (IEC) on prevention and Control of STD/HIV/AIDS and drug-abuse through hand in hand distribution of Book "AIDS Okal Mrityu". attended with Reproductive Heath Care Management Information Services. Approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. -Information Education and Communication IEC on prevention of drug-abuse through distribution of Book "Madak Nesha Moron Nesha with counseling developed by OSDUY.