The Genius International Organization

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About Us

The Genius International Organization is a non profit, charitable, non governmental organization networking with community based NGOs/CBOs established in Tokyo to promote peace, education and health care for children, women, poor and disadvantaged group at the rural and urban communities in Africa.


1. Collaboration and partnership for poverty reduction and community support in Africa.

2. Raising awareness and supporting initiatives against diseases, especially HIV/AIDS, Malaria and polio.

3. Promoting gender equality, female schooling and youth empowerment in Africa.

4. Creating awareness and support for environmental protection and sustainable development.

5. Collaborating and supporting election monitoring for good governance and sustainable political process in Africa.

MEMBERSHIP - Membership is open to people of all nationalities over the age of eighteen(18).

NOTE: For more information on membership, meetings, volunteering, partnership, collaboration and support contact the secretariat.