About Us

About us

HAIPEARDS-DOLAKHA is a non-profit volunteer organization registered with the Social Welfare Council of the Government of Nepal. Since 2000, HAIPEARDS has been running volunteer programs in Nepal for community support and cultural exchanges. Programs are available year-round in the areas of English teaching, orphanage, conservation work, health, and many more as per the interest of volunteers, HAIPEARDS volunteer programs are not only based on volunteer placement, we also customize the programs in accordance with the need, taste and interest of our volunteers. And, we offer rigorous and amazing one-two week long cultural and language immersion program before the start of volunteer program. Our volunteer opportunities run throughout the year for a period of 2-25 week.

We provide opportunity for individuals, couples, groups, students and experts, as well as senior and youth professionals from all over the world to make a contribution to Nepali society. At the same time volunteers experience the rich culture, natural splendor and daily life of Nepal, one of the most beautiful countries of the world. The mission and objective of the HAIPEARDS Volunteer Program in Nepal is to encourage and invite International/National volunteers to contribute to community development, education development, as well as health and environmental activities of the Nepali people. Our programs in Nepal promote the volunteering opportunity in Nepal for individuals to build international links and mutual friendship, through a global partnership. It is our belief that through hard-work and positive thinking, we can all help to improve cultural tolerance and encourage world peace. It is of course better to have previous working experience but no experience is necessary to take part in most of the programs and HAIPEARDS strongly encourages all applicants who have a positive outlook and a strong desire to help improve Nepal. All volunteers will enjoy a unique opportunity for travel, adventure and exploration (both natural beauty and self-exploration).

Volunteers will experience life in Nepal first-hand, working alongside Nepali people to help support local communities in Nepal. In this way, volunteers will make a meaningful contribution to a disadvantaged segment of the world community, while participating in a cultural exchange with local people who will ultimately be responsible for sustainable development. Voluntary work in Nepal can be an extremely rewarding and life-changing experience. Upon arrival, and throughout their stay, volunteers will receive a warm welcome from the Nepali people, who are famous for their honesty and hospitality. Volunteers will live and work in one of the world’s most diverse countries, with geography that ranges from the peak of the Himalaya to the tropical heat of the flat Terai; from the chaos of Kathmandu to the tranquil to frugal villages. Volunteer Society Nepal is an established leading volunteer organization with professional and committed staffs. HAIPEARDS makes sure all our volunteers are well prepared before beginning work as a volunteer by providing orientations, training in Nepali language, culture and work practices. HAIPEARDS does everything possible to look after our volunteers’ safety and make sure they will have a meaningful and pleasant stay. HAIPEARDS volunteer program in Nepal is not merely a volunteer placement; we customize the programs to match the need, taste, and interest of our volunteers.