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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia FIVE MILLION children in Ethiopia are orphans, and only 3,000 children per year are adopted. With sponsorship money, children can live with their own relatives, within their community and in their native country and can obtain the appropriate amount of food, health care and education.

The toll that AIDS/HIV, famine, war and extreme poverty have taken on a whole generation in Ethiopia is staggering. In communities throughout the country, it is commonplace for children to have experienced the death of one or both parents. Orphaned, these children sometimes remain in their home with siblings or grandparents or rely on the assistance of struggling communities for their existence. Our Child Sponsorship Program is able to provide hope for many of these children in providing them with the basic needs of food, education, and health care. Even more importantly, child sponsorship allows children to share their future with their families in the country they were born.

Our sponsorship program runs on 0% overhead and sponsors can be assured that 100% of their monies goes directly to the child they are sponsoring.

Our children have been identified by the Ethiopian government as those “most in need” residing in Addis Ababa and the surrounding area in Ethiopia.

For just $20 a month you can provide a child with 10lbs of Teff, 2 liters of cooking oil, school fee’s, school uniforms, school supplies, textbooks, transportation to school, shoes, lay clothes, as well as medical and dental care. In addition, because we are so committed to our children AOC also provides sponsored children with tutoring two times per week as well as weekly visits by our trained social worker.

Mekelle, Ethiopia About 5% (almost 4 million) people live with AIDS in Ethiopia. Children are the most vulnerable part of society and victimized by the problems of famine, drought, poverty and disease. The rapid spread of AIDS has claimed the lives of many. Among them are young parents who die leaving their children orphaned and infected. AIDS has already orphaned 800,000 kids. The need is overwhelming but our cooperative efforts will rescue many. Please, join us to make a difference to shattered lives of helpless children. All Our Children will work to instill hope to these children.The children need to be supported until such time that they become self-reliant. Through the Orphanage Sustainability Project we can make the orphanage self-sustaining, enabling it to care for the orphans consistently and in turn enabling its services to reach more orphans.

In addition the income-generating projects will give the orphans the life skills needed to improve not only their quality of life but also make them self-reliant.

The objective of the project is to implement an irrigation system to sustain a dairy farm, a poultry farm and vegetable garden, that enables the orphanage to be self-sustaining allowing for income-generating projects.