Working Families Association

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About Us

Working Families Association is a broad-based coalition of concerned citizens, religous, community and labor organizations. As a national non-profit organization with offices throughout the United States we have taken a leadership role in the advancement of laws that provide working families with safe work environments, fair treatment and access to adequate and affordable health care and livable wages.

We have found that hard working families seem more restless than ever to bring about improvements in their lives, including: higher wages, affordable health care, and safe work environments. For example, national surveys show that more than two-thirds of all employees say workplace rights need more protection. Furthermore, 56 percent of employees say new laws are needed to hold corporations responsible for the way they treat employees in the workplace. In the dawn of the information age the complexion of our workforce and the very nature of work itself, has changed considerably. Reports estimate that those who are entering the workforce today will have 7 different career changes throughout their lifetime. Furthermore, over the last 50 years employees who belong to a union has dropped from 35 percent to just 13 percent of the national workforce. But, when surveyed, 75 percent of the national workforce say they would like to belong to some kind of organization that represents their interests in the workplace, but not necessarily a union! Thousands of working families have joined the WFA as a non-union alternative to help advance their agenda in Washington.

As a key player at the national level, Working Families Association is building a strong membership base and mobilizing working families across the nation to provide the necessary public pressure to pass a national living wage and affordable health care law.