Perbangsa (Perhimpunan Persaudaraan Anak Bangsa)

About Us

Perbangsa (Perhimpunan Persaudaraan Anak Bangsa) works against any discriminations in Indonesia, especially discriminations on the minorities (discrimination of race, laws, minority, religions, ethnics, etc).

We fight against any violations of Human Rights in Indonesia in whatsoever ways of conducts done by the local authorities.

We facilitate formalities documentations and advocating on legal matters for the local Indonesian minorities who lived in suburb areas in Indonesia.

PERBANGSA will provide free legal advocacy and advocacy to human rights victims (especially the discrimination victims) in Indonesia.

PERBANGSA is also actively involved in the disaster relief, such as flood, earthquake, tsunami, etc. We provide medical services to urban community. PERBANGSA is contributing in the social activities sector in Indonesia.

You can contact us via : Mail to : DPP Perbangsa (Perhimpunan Persaudaraan Anak Bangsa), Jalan Utama III / No. 36 H-I Depan Gereja Trinitas Cengkareng Barat, Jakarta Barat 11730 Indonesia

Phone : +62-0815-1323 4190 Phone : +62-818-6929 56 Hotline : +62-021-7008 0101 Phone : +62-021-6880 8949 Email : Email :

Share your ideas, opinions and sharings or even contributions to us any time.