About Us

• What’s your picture of Africa? • What’s your take on Islam? • Do you think it’s the true picture? • How did you get the picture? • Can we make a better world? • How can we do it?

Our world has never been as vibrant as now. You can feel the change in all the world’s regions and cultures. are a group blog that demonstrates these changes and the people behind it.

We will report from a world filled with injustice and chaos, but our focus will be to show the good side of the stories, progress and development, and in at the same time give concrete examples to make foster even more change around the world. Our ambition is to give all our readers inspiration and tools to make a difference.

We will show a world with a bright future. Today, more people then than ever are free from poverty;, more people have access to a primal education, and the global health are is much better today then than any time in history. will show that we can make a better world; our leaders have the money, the technical innovations and the plan to make it, and now we need to tell them that we want to do it!