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About Us

Stichting GEPPROJECT, Global Environmental Protection Project is a non political, not-for-profit organisation engaged in international Environmental and Humanitarian projects for sustainable development to maintain the web of life on earth. The goal is to work with progressive governments,institutions,civil groups and other NGO's to create the foundation for a new civilisation based on respect for human life and Environment.GEPPROJECT is determined to be actively involved in achieving the Millenium Development Goal(MDG)of eradicating Hunger and Poverty,ensure Environmental sustainaibility and developing Partnership for Development.

Stichting GEPPROJECT is involved in the following activities:

  • Protecting the natural environment (pollution / biodiversity).
  • Providing relief to disaster victims and the needy.
  • Improving Health and Education.
  • Promoting Economic development and self reliance.
  • Advancing childrens' welfare. GEPPROJECT hold women,children and the aged with high priority in many of it's programs and special efforts are made to promote thier participation and equity. In large parts of the world economic progress is booming but roughly one quarter of the world's population continue to live in poverty and helpless situations,(even you can do something about this). Exploring volunteerism to it's fullest potential,GEPPROJECT place non specialist field assistants on international research teams,with designation ranging from climate change monitoring to lake and forest habitat maintainance,GEPPROJECT is committed to employment equity > male,female & handicap alike. Project execution and cautious use of scarce funds require a steady greater effort to avoid a steady increasing cost,for this reason we explore the planing ,monitoring and evaluation system (PME). And where neccessary co-financed by the local government or authorities involved,especially on developmental projects to enhance concrete prospects of sustainability. Sustainable development are restricted under conditions that remain thesame. Sometimes the problem seem to grow as fast as the pace at which aid is rendered and to an extent, they change in character too. Consequently,SGEPPROJECT is dynamic in contemplating it's objective, policy, priority, and method of work in the light of these changes. And as the pendulum swings you can't change the world alone, imagine whose you could. DISASTER and POVERTY ARE SET BACKS TO HUMAN AND ECONOMIC GROWTH! DONATE TODAY FOR THE RELIEF OF VICTIMS BOTH IN ASIA AND AFRICA. A DOLLAR/EURO/POUND WILL CHANGE SITUATION OF VICTIMS MASSIVELY .


We welcome volunteers and project proposals. TOGETHER WE MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!!!