1000 Jobs Haiti, Inc.

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50 Kennedy Plaza
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United States

About Us

The purpose of 1000 Jobs/Haiti, Inc. shall be: 1. To fight extreme poverty in Haiti by helping to create sustainable jobs at fair wages in the Central Plateau of Haiti through marketing, sales, public relations, financial assistance, education, training and other job-creating activities.

2. To provide business, marketing, and entrepreneurial assistance to Haitian artisans, cooperatives, and entrepreneurs, in order to promote and enable employment and self-sufficiency.

3. To facilitate and promote the development of commercial relationships between, on the one hand, distributors, retailers, other buyers of good, and entities engaged in international trade who are located outside of Haiti, and on the other hand, Haitian artisans, cooperatives, and entrepreneurs, for the purpose of developing markets for the products produced by the Haitian artisans, cooperatives, and entrepreneurs, and attaining the ultimate goal of creating opportunities for employment.