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About Us

Artfully AWARE (AfA) seeks to implement a range of educational arts programs throughout societies worldwide, in order to promote empowerment and enable sustainable development.

Artfully AWARE is a global not for profit organization established in the United Kingdom and the United States that is comprised of individuals united by their passion for international arts education and community development.

Combining professionals with a collective portfolio of over 40 years experience in countries such as Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Kenya and South Africa, AfA marshals the talents and experience of it’s consultants to empower, educate and enrich people’s lives.

Artfully AWARE provides services to Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), humanitarian agencies, arts organizations, youth and community groups and educational institutions. In support of the national curriculum of the host country, Artfully AWARE offers ready and tailor-made arts programs that explore the use of multimedia to enhance communications messaging. Artfully AWARE creates and facilitates educational partnerships by linking schools and communities through artistic projects and visual expression.

Our team values collaboration and cohesiveness. All programs are interdisciplinary, drawing on five major categories: dance, visual (fine) arts, drama, media and music.