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The national high school graduation rate for Latinas is the lowest of any racial or ethnic group, and they are the least likely of any group of women to complete a bachelor’s degree. Research demonstrates that there is a substantial disconnect between Latinas' high aspirations and the realities they face.

Since its founding seven years, we have served with the mission of putting Latinas at the forefront of leadership in their communities through innovative programming combining education and entertainment.

The program model integrates a three-phase learning experience: 1.) A week long Leadership Academy 2.) The competition and 3.) The bi-monthly one-on-one coaching sessions for one full academic year. *Students are paired with a coach who guides them through their personal and academic growth for one full academic year.

The rigorous program prepares high school Latinas with research-based curriculum which strategically interconnects the areas of Leadership, Education, Communication and Character. To provide a platform in which the students can use their new leadership skill sets, each student designs an innovative and sustainable community improvement program. Top students in the competition receive performance-based scholarships, meaning they are contingent on the students’ successful implementation of their respective community improvement projects.

Our Miss Voz Latina 2011, Cecilia Perales, began her own dance program, Nuestras Culturas and worked with over 40 middle and elementary school students throughout her year to share her culture, promote the arts and serve as a role-model for our youth.

The Miss Voz Latina Leadership Program has served 51 Latinas, 94% of which have gone on to pursue a higher education. Inspired by the positive results since the founding of the program, we know today that it is possible to challenge the predicted outcomes for Latina students when we commit tirelessly to do so.

Your donations will help us continue to demonstrate that Latina youth can succeed when given the opportunity to do so.