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Uganda Youth and Women’s Effort Fighting AIDS (UYWEFA) aims to mitigate the challenges associated with HIV/AIDS in the community of Kazo, located 10km northwest of Kampala, Uganda. Established in 2007 by people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Kazo, UYWEFA initially aimed to fill the gaps in home based care (by providing home visits, testing, and support and counseling services). Today, the organization has expanded to provide education opportunities to orphans and vulnerable children; youth-friendly activities like filming and videography; and economic empowerment opportunities and home-based care for single mothers living with HIV /AIDS. The long-term objective of UYWEFA is to ensure people living with, and affected by, HIV/AIDs become self-reliant.

In addition to the target groups being addressed by each of the programs, there have been an immeasurable number of indirect beneficiaries at UYWEFA. For example, the nutrition trainings were attended by caregivers and family members, in addition to the HIV-positive single mothers. Through learning the impact of a healthy diet on the HIV/AIDS condition and hearing testimonies from women who are experiencing it, caregivers and community members developed a greater sense of empathy and understanding for them. The sharing of testimonies, which is part of nearly every workshop with the HIV-positive mothers, has helped to reduce stigma within the community of Kazo, as well as self-stigmatization that the women feel. Kazo has also seen a reduced crime rate, greater understanding of youth issues and rights, improved community relations, sports, music dance and drama activities as a result of the youth program; a quality primary school and free education for HIV-affected families. The organization has estimated about one thousand indirect beneficiaries in seven years of operation.  

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