The Veggie Van Organization

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About Us

In 1997, a young college graduate from Louisiana named Josh Tickell set out on a cross-country road trip in a diesel Winnebago fueled by used frying oil from America’s fast food restaurants. His goal: to spread the word about an incredible alternative fuel made from vegetable oil called “biodiesel.” Ten years, two books, two films and millions of French Fries later, Tickell and his “Veggie Van” have started a revolution.

Today, The Veggie Van Organization is a unique nonprofit educational service that promotes biodiesel fuel and other renewable energies through hands-on demonstrations, school presentations and road tours. Our famous “Veggie Van” goes 70 mph and has driven over 25,000 miles on biodiesel fuel made from new and used vegetable oil. Not only does the three ton, biodiesel powered motor home get 25 miles per gallon on vegetable oil-based biodiesel fuel, but its exhaust also smells like French Fries.