Orphans Hope Project - Uganda

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About Us

OHP MISSION is to help thousands of the neediest orphans and youths in Mukono district, Uganda - East Africa be cared for and educated, particularly in villages where the AIDS epidemic has and is still causing large numbers of children to be orphaned.

WHAT WE DO: (1) We provide school fees for primary schools, secondary and high schools or college students to the extremely needy orphans and youths who demonstrates academic axcellency.

(2) In collaboration with government employment and vocational training centres, we help youths acquire proper self-employment training, skills and qualifications that enable them engage in self-employment and rewarding activities on their own - the diginity that belongs to every child of God.

(3) We advocate for the children's rights, locally, nationally and internationally by joining various national and international children networks.

WHAT WE NEED (1) Regular volunteers that help us manage and administer the project to international accepted levels. We regularly seek fundraisers that help us raise funds for various programmes as we teach these devastated communities how to fish and not to be fed. You will be expected to stay a minimum of one month and not exceeding three months.

(2) We need FRIENDS - just to share our experiences, be advised and learn from others who are experiencing positive trends at all levels in their projects - esp those with similar objectives.

(4) Above all, we really need YOU to pray regularly for these traumatized, miserable and hopeless children so that they find love, peace and hope within themselves. They need to know our Lord and appreciate his love for them despite of all what they are going through. They need to know they are loved - the dignity that belongs to every child of God. In additional, pray for all of those coming to their assistance in one way or another especially for the project to recieve adequate financial assistance regularly.

(5) Pray that the project management team fulfil its mission and not be frustrated by inadequate resources, in particular, finances. Please pray for us.

These are our requests. Please contact us, whether you need additional information, sharing or advise, or donation / contribution - You are more than welcome.