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About Us

For nearly twenty years, 20/20 Vision has been one of the most vital grassroots groups in the United States working on promotion of environmental protection and world peace. 20/20 Vision (“20 minutes a month, a vision for a healthy planet”) has gained a reputation for delivering high quality and timely information to grassroots activists and for generating significant grassroots pressure to effect change. 20/20 Vision generates tailored letters to members of Congress and regulatory agencies, letters to editors, phone calls, office visits to key policymakers and elected representatives, research activities and other types of outreach campaign activities designed to fit specific strategic needs. Through its Education Fund, a 501c3 organization, 20/ 20 Vision seeks to educate the public with respect to pending legislation and other federal actions affecting the environment and prospects for peace and disarmament.

20/20 Vision has had an important leadership role in national campaigns to ban chemical weapons, halt testing of nuclear weapons, and strengthen the prohibitions on biological weapons. 20/20 Vision has been active in environmental campaigns to reduce pollution from SUVs, light trucks, diesel trucks and buses, as well as promotion of higher fuel economy standards for all vehicles. Current priority campaigns include stopping funding for development of new types of nuclear weapons, reducing power and non-road diesel engine pollution, and promoting better labeling and testing of genetically engineered foods.