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About Us

Could you paint murals in Bolivia? Teach juggling in Costa Rica? Create a Garden in Peru or lead a choir in a favela in Rio? We currently need artists and creative facilitators to support various projects in South and Central America. Creative Corners is a volunteer organisation unlike any other - we specialise in organising tailor made volunteer travel experiences for people with creative skills or we find creative ways to use your other skills on our numerous projects for orphaned, street and at-risk children. With projects from just 2 weeks to 6 months and beyond the scope of volunteering opportunities is really up to your imagination. We are based in the UK but send worldwide volunteers to work on projects we have a personal connection with. If you can act, play guitar, juggle, sing, tell stories, dance, paint, build, teach circus skills, sculpture, design, puppetry or even if you are a photographer, jewelry or film maker, keen gardener or DIYer WE NEED YOU! Creative Corners give 100% of profits back to our projects for orphans, abused, abandoned, street and at risk children to supply arts education resources. Even if you don't think you are 'creative' but have passion and the vision to volunteer then get in touch and let us brainstorm with you on ideas of running a worthwhile project...