Kenya Volunteers Foundation

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About Us

Kenya Voluntary Foundation (KVF) is a non govermental organization. KVF captures the dictum bridging gaps. KVF's social mission in the society is as follows

  1. Eradicate poverty
  2. Foster peace and embrace the importance of economic and social development
  3. Empower communities on thematic issues such as HIV/AIDS, Peace, human rights, Girl Child Education, Side effects of FGM, Environmental conservation, Women empowerment and youth enterpreneurship e

KVF achieves it's social mission through the following programs

  • Mid and long term programs: Volunteers are placed in a project for a period ranging between two months and one year. Such projects are schools, hospitals, women groups, children homes, conservation projects etc
  • Work Camps; Volunteers participate in workcamps ranging between 10 days and three weeks. We have group work Camps for especially students coming from one university, Family work Camps and general work camps for participants from different nationalities.
  • Organise Tours(safaris) to spectacular sites of interest within the country. eg Masaai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Kakamega Forest, the equatorial line passing through the country, Lake Victoria and it's shows,Beaches along the coast, visits to the local communities to experience their cultures
  • Religious projects: For volunteers interested in working for churches for purposes of spiritual nourishment to the children and the community through singing, fellowships,preaching and bible studies.