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About Us


I am Godfrey Nsubuga a male Ugandan and a social worker by profession. After my studies, I established Community Hive Organisation (CHO) in 2013 because it was my dream to support marginalized older persons and Orphans under their care. I started this organisation because I lost one of my parents and I was raised by an older woman, who was very poor, never had the opportunity of schooling neither had any biological child in her life. I was everything to her life. I started this small group and majority of them are youths to show care and love to vulnerable and marginalized older persons living in Busukuma Division-Wakiso District, Uganda. This is done to appreciate their cardinal role they play to nurture and create a better future for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Uganda. I have the passion to work with and for helpless older persons and Orphans living in rural areas to enable them live a healthier and dignified life. Through our experience working with older persons, some of them regret why old age ran after them and they prefer to die early to escape the pain of isolation, neglect and abuse. They believe that their communities do not appreciate their co-existence as majority of them are discriminated against and regarded as a problem to the society.  

Most of the aged people suffer from loneliness and worst of all they lost their children to AIDS. The too old people are frail, cannot walk long distance neither memorise their historical backgrounds including their origins. Others completely lost connections with family relatives and their life is on God’s mercy. Disability, old age, chronic illnesses and poverty limit their access to basic health care. Loneliness and a situation of failure to provide the basic needs to Orphans stress older persons more and reduce their lifespan. 

This kind of regret motivates the team further to work tirelessly to ensure that older persons also live a dignified life. I believe one day to come we will cause a thousand faces of older persons and Orphans to have a natural smile. The fact that we are lacking funds, our work is not too much but at least we are adding a “block” to improving the lives of older persons and Orphans in our community.


CHO promotes community youth, political, religious and school leadership engagement through home visiting (SALT approach) the bedridden older persons and Orphans and interact with them to address the consequences of isolation, stigma and discrimination, promote societal collective responsibility and community volunteerism in efforts to protect and promote the rights and entitlements. We mobilize community youth, school children and University students on internship once a year who volunteer their limited time to promote personal hygiene among older persons and environmental sanitation. Some of the activities carried out include health education on self-care, fetching water, cleaning compounds, washing clothes, cleaning household utensils and community dialogues on elder abuse and neglect. Some older persons are so poor in that they cannot afford food and they sleep hungry. Having a single meal becomes a miracle to majority of them. Therefore we mobilize communities who collect food within the community and distributed to older persons or even help them to cook. These are older persons who do not have caregivers or family relatives to support them. Once in awhile we mobilize health workers who reach out to the older persons, their Orphans and offer them free basic health care services. Orphans under the care of older persons and themselves lack warm clothing and bedding which exposes their health to coldness and mosquitoes. In this case we mobilize clothes which we distribute to them occasionally.