Integrated Fisheries Research Organisation,Kenya.

About Us

The Integrated Fisheries Research Organisation (IFRO) is a regisered not- for-profit Non-Governmental Orgaisation.

IFRO seeks to provide a forum for Fishermen,Fishtraders,Researchers,SocialWorkers and the Rural Communities especially those in Riparian zones to participate in activities the enable them to improve their lives and work for the advancement of the rural areas.

IFRO's area's of interest include the following: -Environmental Conservation/Awareness, -Improving on Fisheries Management, -Community Development/Health Issues, -Research and Training. IFRO is currently involved in HIV/AIDS awareness activties in collaboration with Global Health Council,U.S.A.

IFRO is counting on your support in any of the above areas to be able to reach and help as many poor people as possible.So many orphans and widows have approached IFRO for help.We can not do it without your assistance materially,finacially ,spiritually and morally.Your support is life to the needy.