About Us

AL-Tamayouz Cooperative Society

established in Jordan at 16/11/2003 The Society Mission:-

The Society recognizes the importance of having a vision and mission for her designated years will usher and they respond to their needs, and perceived Basis point from which the objectives and activities and all of its

Society mission that is the development of the spirit of active participation of members of the Society and the local community, So we are all partners to sustainable development through the establishment of projects that benefit the members of The Society and the community as a whole. The Society Vision:-

The Society seeks to be the Society of a pioneer in the field of social services and services through excellence in their styles and methods of work with a highly professional manner through a working group and a team of specialist depends on the mass resolution and transparency of the work in all areas and good high-responsibility through our deep understanding of the meaning of volunteering and provide work programs based on its research and follow-up of the social reality of the Jordanian society and identify priorities for action in accordance to the needs of target segments. And consistent action in the Assembly as a team with excellence in the performance of each staff to achieve the desired goals of upgrading all and bring about change in its current state for the construction of organized civil society which respects individual needs. As attention is given to a great importance to the children of Jordan and see in this slide area of work broad and efforts need to be very large, especially in these difficult circumstances General Goals:-

- Establishment of income-generating projects to improve the economic status of members of the Society. - The establishment of cultural and educational projects to improve the social status - Gain more experience from the working committees. - Refine and training and development of talent. - Indicate awareness of the health of the community.