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About Us

Mentoring Athletes through Academic Development

Objective M.A.A.D. SKILLZ, INC. was formed to be used as a tool to inspire local youth to be lifelong achievers. Mission M.A.A.D. SKILLZ offers a successful alternative to the depressing circumstances that lead many youths to become victims of the perils of drug abuse, gang violence, family instability, economic deprivation, negative peer pressure and criminal acts of violence.

Philosophy M.A.A.D. SKILLZ has developed academic enrichment and mentorship programs that are held after school and on weekends. The programs include but are not limited to; tutoring, ACT/SAT preparation, college preparation workshops, youth forum, parent workshops, job training, mentoring, leadership, career planning and physical education. Work ethic, social consciousness and character are essential to each program. Athletic competition aids youth in acquiring interpersonal skills, and strategic planning. In addition, leadership training is provided through setting and obtaining individual and team aspirations. Through the use of these programs, M.A.A.D. SKILLZ seeks to not only raise reading scores and improve writing and test-taking skills but also promote positive self image. Keys to Success - Cultivate a national identity for the M.A.A.D. SKILLZ™ model and program. - Expand the donor/corporate partner base and corporate contributions that add to the financial resources of MAAD SKILLZ, Inc. - Provide students with entrepreneurial job skills that can open doors to future employment opportunities. - Acquire additional equipment and facilities to support future growth and offer greater flexibility, leading to expanded services offered by MAAD SKILLZ™ that will further the goal of providing valuable mentoring and leadership training to youth.