Re-Conceiving Family: The Ways We Have Children Today

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About Us

“Re-conceiving Family” is a series of family portraits and stories exploring the many different ways that we have children today.

The goals of this project are to: 1) Raise public awareness and understanding about the different ways that we have children today; 2) Offer affirmation to parents and children of “non-traditional” families; as well as “non-traditional” parents who are in the process of creating their family, and 3) Confront stereotypes about what “family” really means.

The parents in these images might include gay and straight parents, step parents, single parents, couples, and 3-parent families; and older parents. The ways that they make family might includes domestic or international adoption, alternative insemination with an anonymous, known, or sibling  sperm or egg donor, surrogacy, fostering, and taking on a family member's child.

The audience is both the general public and those who might recognize themselves in these portraits.