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About Us

We aggressively address the needs of victims of Identity Theft,Aggravated Identity Theft, Malicious Identity Theft, and also Terroristic Identity Assumption by assigning an advocate trained in ID theft issues to work with victims thru their problem. Identity Theft is the nation's #1 and fastest growing crime in the US today.

We work on the financial side of the crime helping the victim with the collection agencies, credit bureaus and the financial clean-up work while law enforcement works on the investigations, police reports and catching the perpetrators.

We are now helping 1500 victims per day and have been doing so for over a year now. We at VAA have been told to expect 23,000 new victims per week. We are kicking off our National Community Action Project all across the nation in a month or two. Once completed we will open 50 offices in 50 states. At that time we will tie all offices together with a national 800 hotline for victims to call in on and advocates to be assigned.

Two accomplishments we have achieved recently: VAA has gotten the KY Retirement Systems to agree to change their method of electronically filing by Social Security Number so that 170,000 retired Kentuckians can get their Social Security Numbers removed from their Medical ID Cards. We are working in Texas at this time with the same intent in mind.

VAA is also helping the current 57,000 victims in Texas who had their Social Security Numbers comprimised by hackers who broke into the computer system at the University of Texas.

Our mission statement is: A national 501(c)3 non-profit working aggressively on a state by state basis for the nation in Identity Theft Issues, VAA is dedicated to the advancement of national technological knowledge through the establishment of regional non-profit help agencies specifically for the victims of individual or corporate technological abuse.