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Square Peg, Round Worlds (SPRW)

Square Peg, Round World will be a highly interactive website for school aged children between the 2nd and 4th grade or between the ages of six (6) and ten (10) years old. The website will concentrate on three (3) objectives:

I. The building self esteem – To build self esteem SPRW will provide a format/page in which a calendar can be created by using a click and drag program for the user (children) to build their own daily, weekly or monthly calendar from a collection of pictures and facts about or from successful noteworthy people. For example; Tom Cruise is 5’7” with dyslexia, but with hard work and education Mr. Cruise became a huge success. Another example; former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor grew up on a rural farm in Arizona with no electricity or running water, but through hard work and education she reached great heights. We will also ask some noteworthy people five (5) questions if they would rather be interviewed. Life can be unfair, but through hard work and education people have, are and will achieve great things.

II. To teach the third law of Psychics, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. We will teach this law by asking one question each day. An example question will be as followed “If you steps on some ones foot and didn’t say I am sorry, would you be surprised if they became angry – Yes or No. If the response was yes you would be wrong, you just stepped on their foot causing them pain. You have no right to do this or them to you. If you answered No then you would be correct.

III. Confronting ignorant, mean or bullying behavior. To confront this type of behavior we will show examples of positive behavior (people being nice), by defining manors (saying thank you, please, etc.), heroic behavior (do what right in a unpopular situation) and how to respect themselves and others. To show that judging others on size, color, physical or mental attributes is not right. We will show how this behavior is not right by asking successful people what they think of mean people – no one likes mean people and the odds of them becoming a happy successful person can not be achieved if this type of behavior isn’t addressed.

The mission of Square Peg, Round World is to give children the history, knowledge and tools for them to become happy and successful people.

“Success is the achievement of a favorable or desired outcome.”