Afghans for Afghanistan's Development (AFAD) Organization

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About Us

Afghans for Afghanistan’s Development (AFAD) Organization is a nongovernment organization (NGO), nonprofit, nonpartisan entity that legally registered with the Afghanistan Ministry of Economy since 2009. 


AFAD has embarked on its mission because decades of war and unrest in Afghanistan have caused widespread, severe and lasting humanitarian, social, and economic crisis. While all Afghans have been affected, women, the youth, and the disadvantaged additionally face discrimination, threats, and insecurity. In addition, conflict, economic underdevelopment, and a lack of education continue to play a negative role in the proliferation of problems Afghans face in Afghanistan. The difficult circumstances also force a breach of human rights, violence, and insecurity that breeds radicalization, intolerance, and conflict.


AFAD has therefore embarked on its mission to roll back this situation. We work to empower the Afghan women, youth and the disadvantaged by enabling them to access better education, more social and economic opportunities and improved healthcare in order to break the social deadlock and prepare for a better future. To do this, AFAD partners with the Government of Afghanistan, international development agencies and other civil society organizations including private citizens to address the Afghan problems through indigenous and effective Afghan solutions. We also harness internationally learned best practices and expertise to deal with the classic underdevelopment issues in Afghan society.


AFAD’s portfolio of projects include working with the Blind School in Kabul, Women Entrepreneurs in Kabul, Ghazni, Bamyan and Nangarhar provinces as well as with youth and male entrepreneurs in Khost, Paktya and Ghazni provinces.  AFAD’s leadership also has extensive experience in managing other development programs, such as teacher training, computer literacy, environment protection, peace education, economic development, business development, scholarship and exchange management, and the provision of humanitarian aid with many national and international organizations in and out of Afghanistan.


Utilizing on Afghan ownership and vision, national and international experiences and local network across Afghanistan, AFAD continues to partner with a national and international organization to continue working on building a better future for the women, youth and the disadvantaged of Afghanistan. 


AFAD values individual capacity and welcomes all interested in our vision to join us as a volunteer, as an employee, or as a partner as we continue to contribute to building a more just society in Afghanistan.