About Us


The agency is called as HamroManawta(Our Humanity). It will be a pioneer child rights organization. It focuses its activities on the issue of child rights, street children, and child labour. Its main focus is to stop children from glue sniffing, dendrites and other type of substance.


  • To stop street children from glue sniffing dendrites, alcohol and other types of substance.
  • To make children aware about the various issues related to child rights.
  • To build up self power, self respect and self confidence among children.
  • To create sustainable environment for the socialization with socio psychological and emotional problems through counseling and emotional support, responsibility sharing and participation in decision making.
  • To show documentary related to children especially child issues.


Our Humanity will envision a new Nepal which is democratic, inclusive, just and prosperous to all and sensitive to the rights of the children in real sense.


To work as a resourceful organization this will aim to fulfill its responsibility by offering its service to ensure the rights of the child, especially for children who do glue sniffing and dendrites.


  • Street children
  • Children at risk
  • Children in labour exploitation
  • Ignored and marginalized children
  • Lost children


  • Field visit
  • Training /orientation
  • Co ordination
  • Psycho- social counseling
  • Documentation and case study management
  • Follow up


  • For children with children
  • Right based Approach
  • Network and Alliance Building
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Human resource and Development

The Condition of the Street Children according to Nepalese Context:-

Working on the issue base their estimation on latest census to state that Nepal has a population of 23.4 million, from which 52% is below 18. It is one of the poorest countries of the world with 49% of population living under absolute poverty and the phenomenon of street children in its main cities. It is difficult to know the exact number of street children, as they are not usually counted, nor subject to any national census. However, the organizations 500 children live and work in the streets of Nepal. Most of the street children are found in Kathmandu, which hosts around 5000 street children, followed respectively by Pokhara, Dharan, Biratnagar, Bhairawa, and Nepalgunj. 500 new children are ending up each year in the street of Kathmandu all over Nepal. Although street children in Nepal are relatively few, compared to other countries such as India, it is a growing problem and there is a great concern that the phenomenon will become too problematic without preventive action.

Our Ongoing Campaign:-

Our ongoing campaign is signature campaign. In this signature campaign we are taking the signature of Nepalese citizen, college student, stamp collection of school kids and street children in order to give pressure to the foreign diplomatic mission for proper protection and survival of street children. Not only this we are also collecting fund in order to built tranzit home for street children. The main target of this campaign is to built highly specialized tranzit home for kids. So we request all organizations, companies, schools and bank to help us in funding for building tranzit home for kids and remove drugs problem like glue sniffing from Nepal.