Farmers Advancement & Cultivating Effort (FACE) Trust

About Us


Bangladesh is an agricultural country; more then 70% people are directly dependent on agriculture and also agriculture is the main source of income for the villagers. A great proportion of GDP of Bangladesh depends on agriculture but, farmers of this country have very low opportunity to cultivate their lands as a profit factor, because, the majority of the farmers are illiterate and unconscious about the reasons behind their poverty. They use chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow their crops which are a very high cost method. To reflect on these phenomena Mr. Iqbal Hossain Shimul and some skilled social development workers have decided to establish an organization to support them through an organization named Farmers Advancement & Cultivating Effort (FACE) Trust, founded in 2007 at March 26.

Farmers Advancement & Cultivating Effort (FACE) Trust has been incorporated in 2009 under the Trust Registration Act 1908, and is governed by a Trustee Board consisting of professionals with comprehensive knowledge and understanding about social development. The Registered office of the Trust is situated at 330/1, Nayatola, Moghbazar, Modhubagh, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh.

The FACE Trust is a non profitable, non-governmental agricultural trust that supports people to improve their livelihood by providing; information, low cost cultivation methods, applying organic expertise in farming to solve problems in agriculture and the environment and also supports family farms and rural groups whose members face the challenge of the deepening economic recession in rural communities. As a welfare organization, its mission and direction is influenced by all District members and volunteers, who guide farmers in farming and agribusiness.

The combined work of members and volunteer groups at the grassroots level and FACE-Trusts experience working at national level enables it to play a strong role in the long course of ensuring sustainable development through education, economic solvency, health, hygienic nutritious food and environment friendly farming system for communities. To attain its goal FACE Trust cooperatively works with a carefully built network of domestic and international organizations which share similar visions.


The vision of Farmers Advancement & Cultivating Effort Trust (FACE Trust) is of to establish Bangladesh as a developed country in the world based on its agriculture. .


Farmers Advancement & Cultivating Effort (FACE) Trusts mission is to help building competence of individuals and organizations of Bangladesh region in organic agriculture and thereby contribute to build ecologically, economically and socially sustainable agriculture and agribusiness.

GOAL: To build Hunger and poverty free developed Bangladesh.


i. To conduct independent and collaborative research and undertake investigative journalism on critical development.

ii. To protect, extend and ensure the increasing and creating inter-relation of multi-lingual international culture based on voluntarisms.

iii. To procure, care and display of objects of lasting interest or value to the creative voluntary movement.

iv. To build up a repository of historical information to the creative voluntary movement.

v. To build up a research institution on creative voluntary movement study as well with voluntarisms of the people of the world.

vi. To develop, advance, and disseminate scientific and organic knowledge about farming; improve agricultural productivity and environmental quality; protect plants and enhance human health and well-being through research for the benefit of Connecticut residents and the nation.

vii. To provide query redress services for queries received from communities, organizations, farmers and individuals dealing in agribusiness and other related technical activities.

viii. To provide market linkage activities to growers and producers and help create institutions which would strengthen marketing and value addition to primary produce.

ix. To provide training, course content and managerial inputs for setting up and management of agribusiness clinics, rural service centers, and providing content aggregation and dissemination services.

x. To provide all kind of recruitment services, training services, capacity building services, consultancy services and advisory services to all communities, organizations and individuals with regard to agribusiness, rural development and other related technical sector.

xi. To undertake advocacy campaigns and project to promote financial inclusion amongst low income households especially rural sector in Bangladesh.

xii. To promote the study and advance the cause of organic pesticide and allied biological agro-chemicals and living organism in Bangladesh.

xiii. To help the protection of natural habitats and health within the country combating soil erosion, protection of soil and vegetative cover, education, raising public awareness and consciousness over soil erosion.

xiv. Increase production and productivity of farming and land use systems.

xv. To build communal efforts and indigenous knowledge.

xvi. Making knowledge and information more available;

xvii. To undertake humanitarian and livelihood (development) support programs for the vulnerable individuals and groups affected by policy biases and hostile circumstances.

xviii. To provide training support for individual and groups showing interest in policy debates and advocacy campaign.

xix. To build partnership, networks, alliances and coalitions; and mobilize voices around specific issues of public interest.

xx. To develop and publish policy communication materials (policy briefs, monographs, reports, journals, newsletters, etc) suitable for different audience and undertake policy awareness measures to inform public debates.

xxi. To launch advocacy campaigns through seminars, round-tables, workshop, media campaigns, human chains, legal advocacy, public hearing, etc.


1. Farmer’s capacity building. 2. Low cost cultivation supports. 3. Profitable cultivation supports. 4. Improvised local resources to profitable cultivation. 5. To guide farmer’s for organic farming.


• Rooftop gardening program to produce Safe Food and Oxygen from Roof. • Campaign for “Climate Change”. • Farmer’s Capacity Building in “Organic Agriculture”. • Campaign for “Sustainable Rural Livelihood” collaboratively with students of agriculture faculty. • Effective Activities for Rural Needy (EARN) project. • Microorganism And Agro Technologies Improvement (MAATI) project. • “Organic Compost” making training program. • “Effective Micro Organism” Making Training program. • “Organic Farming” Training program. • Rice saving program for ensure food supply. • Knowledge Camp (Educational Library for Needy students)

WORKING AREAS IN BANGLADESH: • Dhaka. • Dinajpur. • Jessore. • Madaripur. • Nilphamari. • Panchogarh. • Rangpur.