Mass Mentoring Partnership

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75 Kneeland Street
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About Us

Guided by our recently updated strategic plan, Mass Mentoring Partnership is fueling the movement to support empowering youth-adult relationships throughout the State of Massachusetts. Our vision is that every young person has the opportunity to be involved in an empowering youth-adult relationship to create more vibrant and resilient communities. MMP is working with established mentoring programs, youth serving organizations,

faith-based organizations, and academic institutions to strengthen the program and organizational practices that contribute to the resiliency of youth, families and communities. We currently work with over 250 programs supporting over 30,000 youth in sustained, consistent and supported relationships by assessing programmatic needs and organizational capacity and providing customized strategies that create stronger and more effective programs and youth-adult interactions. MMP is a small staff working in a high leverage environment. Our environment is fast-paced, responsive to innovation, committed to organizational learning and promotes staff development. MMP is committed to working in a manner that celebrates and honors diversity. MMP offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits within the non-profit sector.