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The Culdee Manifesto: Abstract Version.

The Culdee Vision statement: “To create a space in which children experience first hand the living of Human Values and ethics in order to become balanced individuals, capable of being responsible role-models of the future.”

“It takes a village to raise a child” – African proverb

“To plan a year ahead, one grows vegetables; To plan a decade ahead, one plants fruit trees; To plan a century ahead, one EDUCATES” – Chinese proverb

The Culdee Mission statement: “To create a Universal Multi Faith Integral Village with a zero-waste zero-energy re-use recycle reclaim policy where the people adhere to the Human Values of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-Violence and aspire to inspire our children to look at what is lacking in our society and instigate a change by setting an example how it can be done;

To create a “School of Life” that encourages us to look beyond –and break through- the limitations of our belief system and embark together on the journey of life. We all have abilities far beyond what we use: we discover and investigate the limitless possibilities we are endowed with;

To create a buddy-system to stimulate and encourage us to persevere on the chosen path;

To find one’s own space but be responsible for the whole;

To foster children who are ‘dealt a wrong hand’ in life and share our abundance with them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The name Culdees has a dual meaning: ‘Companion of God’’ and ‘Place of learning’

There is only one nation, the nation of humanity; There is only one religion, the religion of love; There is only one language, the language of the heart; There is only one God and He is omnipresent.

Synopsis of the Culdee Manifesto: To create a community based eco-village modelled on villages as they were 100-150 years ago, which where almost self-sufficient: Where people work where they live. Where people create their jobs in a cottage industry-type environment; showing creativity and re-using materials that otherwise would have landed in a land-fill. (i.e making drinking glasses from wine bottles; design and make children’s clothing from old); make wines, jams, pickles, cheeses etc;create a tree-nursery and market; run an organic farm shop with coffee shop and organic restaurant; prepare take-away meals for the time-sharers in the Time-Share Projects nearby. Where three, even four, generations live closely together. (A care-village within the village). Where the commitment to and care for each other is ‘from Cradle-to-Grave’ with as much emphasis for the healthy development of the children as the respect and inclusion-to-the last of the elderly. To become a Woodland Burial Site where emphasis is put on restoring the Human Values and re-connect with their own inner guidance / higher self / God and where there is respect for each unique interpretation. Where Head Heart and Hands are incorporated and ‘Walk The Talk’. Where children learn to take responsibility for what they have. Where there is a co-operative nature/forest school based on home-schooling. Where a buddy-system is functioning so that no-one is left out. Where skills will be taught from an early age on regardless of gender, whether it be carpentry, building, engineering, gardening, cooking, sowing, weaving or knitting. Where the Scottish culture and Celtic language play an important part. Where music making – dance – arts – drama – sports are part of daily life. Where nature and wildlife blend naturally within the village. Where people grow their own vegetables, fish and meat locally. Where people live ‘preventative’ and make use of the ‘alternative’ healing systems and locally grown medicinal herbs; create a Physic (medicinal) garden. Where people use their building materials from what is quarried and grown locally. Where during the build as much as possible material is recycled/re-used/reclaimed. Where we aim to become a ZWAZE site (Zero Waste Zero Energy) Where all organic waste is composted. Where all buildings meet high ecological standards; Where we aim to be central in ecological Pilot schemes. Where the village generates its own energy through solar/wind/water/biomass. Where we can educate people –young and old alike- from outside on how one can ‘walk one’s talk’ by organising training courses and Seminars. To become a vocational training site on all of the above, an ‘University of Life’

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The Culdee Manifesto: Abstract Version.

The Culdee Vision statement: “To create a space in which children experience first hand the living of Human Values and ethics in order to become balanced individuals, capable of being responsible…

Issue Areas Include

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  • Children & Youth
  • Energy


  • Boreland Farm, Fearnan, Aberfeldy,
    PH15 2PG

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