Vajrayana Teaching Centre




About Us

Our school was founded originally 10 years ago to help destitute children around the Boudha Stupa in Nepal who had little or no opportunity for schooling. It was the first language tutorial centre of its kind in the Tibetan community of Boudha and was founded by two brothers in their twenties, one of whom continues to teach and run the centre.

Tshewang, principal and teacher, was born in Nepal with the Sherpa dialect of Tibetan as his native tongue and educated in Bhutan. He has 'an ear' for languages and is fluent in Tibetan, Nepali, Hindi, Bhutanese and English also having extensive knowledge of many of the dialects within each of these.

The centre, comprising 3 teaching areas (plus the kitchen when needed), is located within two minutes walk of the Stupa but is now attended by a broader cross section of the Tibetan and Sherpa communities, ranging in age from 10 years to adult. They include monks, business people, middle-aged women and others, many of whom have had minimal exposure to school of any kind.