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About Us

African Friends Service Communities (AFSCO) is a voluntary, not for profit, Community Based Organization that was formed by persons with a vision to support, unite and promote community development in vulnerable communities in eastern Uganda.

Our goal is to promote community empowerment through building local capacities to handle HIV/AIDS prevention programmes, nutrition, support and care services; handle self-help and income generating activities and education for the marginalized children.

We are a voluntary, not for profit community based initiative operating in eastern Uganda.  The majority of people in eastern Uganda especial in Jinja District are either in subsidiary farming or involved in micro and small-scale business activities.

To a great extent many are dealing in survival activities characteristics of informal sector operations. They include small holder farming, cattle keeping, market vendors, housemaids, brick making, tailoring, and handcrafts to mention but a few.

As development partners, non-governmental organizations are proving to be more effective at grass roots where government hands cannot satisfy/ reach.

African Friends Service Communities is one of the few voluntary non-profit making organization partnering with grass roots organizations/local leaders/faith based initiatives found in the Eastern Uganda offering educational, medical and nutritional services to the rural communities as well as helping them to facilitate their social, spiritual, Educational and economical well being.

We derive our support from the valuable services of volunteers, friends, sympathizers, well-wishers, Christian and non-Christian resources as well as our dear partner’s in-country and abroad who offer financial, moral, educational and material support to facilitate our activities.

The founders of the initiative are much concerned about the increasing poverty levels, high prevalence rate of HIV/Aids, increasing number of orphans without any assistance, high unemployment, lack of respect of human rights and high illiteracy levels within the community.