The Humanitarian Project, Inc.

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17232 Travis Square
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About Us

The Humanitarian Project, Inc. is dedicated to identifying and assisting victims of disasters and crises worldwide. Our organization strives to maximize the alleviation of suffering by empowering donors and grassroot organizations to participate in fiscally responsible, effective aid projects.

The Humanitarian Project, Inc:

Designs projects, delivers services, and conducts needs assessment research;

Provides victims of disasters and crises with aid and resources to meet their short-term and long-term needs;

Provides donors with the opportunity to make a greater impact with their donations by assuring fiscal accountability and stewardship of their funds;

Provides grassroot organizations with access to resources to implement needed services and aid for affected communities;

Developed and operates a social purpose enterprise Humanitarian Handcrafts for the betterment of residents in the South African Township of Langa and furthering The Humanitarian Project, Inc. in achieving its mission and objectives.