Species Forest, Inc.

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155 Belmont Ave.
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About Us

Look out your window and you will find a species' forest, species' grassland, species' desert, species' shoreline, species' sea or species' rainforest. All these places are already occupied by all the other species of plants, animals, fungi and soil microbes. A species forest is not a resource for people. A species forest needs no management. The survival of the planet requires the species forest. Earth is the Species Planet, the Water Planet, the Life Planet, the Evolution Planet . . . the Species Planet.

We also have an eighty-six acre Species' Forest in Conway, Massachusetts USA and we hope there will be others soon. Please contact us if you wish to re-learn about the natural landscape or if you would like to visit. We must warn you there are no trails. Why would there be trails. Trails are for people; not the species forest.