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About Us

The Iowa State Guard (Provisional)is an organized military society that aids victims of natural or man-made disasters. Members train and prepare for any event that requires qualified manpower to affect aid to those inflicted by a disaster. The IASG(P) provides assistance to local communities in rendering aid to the less fortunate or needy as well. The IASG(P) also provides FREE training to all its volunteers utilizing certified instructors. The IASG(P) works with all local, state, federal government and disaster agencies.

Chartered under the Internal Revenue Service Code, the IASG(P) is a non-profit 501c-3 organization. All contributions and donations are tax deductible.

The IASG(P) is a military structured society of volunteers. The IASG(P) is comprised of 4 Brigades and multiple Battalions that support its statewide structure. The IASG(P) has no affiliation with either the US Army or the IA National Guard.

The Iowa Guard(Provisional)(hereinafter known as the IAG) seeks your support in providing the state with a well trained, organized, and disciplined force for the defense of our communities and state. We are presently establishing units through out Iowa.