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About Us

The Fifteenth Senate District is the center of the Silicon Valley region that has become synonymous with technological advancement and entrepreneurial spirit. It is home to a geographic concentration of more than 7,000 technology based companies in an economic region that includes more than 1.2 million jobs. I have spent nearly 20 years as a Superintendent of Schools working to promote education as a bridge to opportunity. I have experienced how Silicon Valley has always been about the future and at the cutting edge of both new technologies and new ways of doing business. I have worked with private and public organizations to help our schools re-create ourselves when faced with major challenges.

I'm running for the state senate because our communities are facing major challenges as we move into the second decade of the 21st century. Challenges like: preserving our quality of life in the face of rapid change, adapting to globalization, bridging the gap between the requirements of the information technology economy and the skills of our current and future workforce, and how to cope with large and soaring budget deficits. We must also work towards reversing the disturbing trends toward greater income inequality.

I have the experience and a track record of success. I have successfully managed a large scale organization that employs several thousand workers and held myself and all employees accountable for achieving results. While in the Assembly, I successfully achieved passage of several pieces of legislation that brought: 3.4 billion dollars of federal unemployment funds to our state, increased funding for low achieving schools, health insurance for our children, assistance to firefighters and police officers on cancer presumption, legislation to address the diabetes and obesity crisis, and saved the state millions by reforming the State Compensation Insurance Fund and the local County Water District.

I am running for the state senate because I am well positioned to address the major issues our state and region face. I know what it takes to set a strong foundation for our kids to grow up and become healthy, productive adults. I have initiated actions to help our future workforce adjust to the information technology revolution and the globalization of the economy. As a Superintendent, I balanced budgets in good times and bad.

I am running because I believe in the American Dream and I am committed to ensuring that each individual has access to a quality job, the ability to buy a home, a safe and healthy community, and the opportunity to succeed in life.

- Joe Coto