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If we are to increase the numbers of Democratic voters, rebuild party unity post-Hillary, and ensure Barack Obama takes the popular vote in November by insurmountable margins, we must commit ourselves now and get to work. In my campaigning efforts Nationally and in California, the number of residents who have failed to re-register post relocation is abysmal. The Asian-American community has little strategic Obama-related (or Democratic Party) organized outreach efforts. The majorities of first and second generation Asians and Latinos, as well as African American youth are regrettably unregistered voters, unqualified voters (moved without updating registration) and some even unaware of who Barack Obama is, much less having any discernible interest in national politics. Many districts, like California's 12th Congressional District, are also poorly represented in effectively unchallenged congressional races; one where the "coronated" candidate in a "Democratic" district has no motivating reason to work to build the party because there is no credible challenge, thus no reason for the expense and effort to galvanize and expand the party.

We need your help to continue running a professional operation: This means building the core of grassroots volunteers and launch a massive drive to shore up Hillary supporters and ideological converts, along with passive progressives for November.