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About Us

Springwire connects people in crisis with the social services and support networks that surround them – expanding a community’s capacity to care. By providing free access to tailored communication tools, Springwire restores a sense of hope and dignity, enabling people in transition to stabilize their lives and get access to the help they need to move out of crisis.

Springwire weaves together the support community, so agencies are better able to coordinate housing, medical care and employment services for their participants – enhancing the efficiency of the whole system. By empowering participants to communicate with the right resources, no matter their personal situation, Springwire reduces the isolation of homelessness, allowing people to re-integrate into the community faster.

In this era of budget cuts for vital services, combined with dramatic increases in demand, Springwire enables community and government providers to help more people more cheaply and effectively.

Springwire began as Community Voice Mail in Seattle in 1991. Driven by the challenge of connecting homeless, phoneless workers with job opportunities, the organization’s founders came up with a simple idea: Give people a phone number that stays constant, even if they can’t. The success of the program spread, along with the idea of using technology to alleviate poverty. Today Springwire serves more than 50,000 people in 400 cities nationwide.