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About Us

The 'Computer Education Project (CEP) identified in number: 000-513-780-8 is a nonprofit project aimed Education and Development of Haitian schoolchildren living in the poorest areas of the country through computer. The central office of the project is represented by the Sieur JEAN Oberd identified number: 008-253-218-1, residing and domiciled in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

The Collaborative Educational Project provides professional services and dedicated to providing high quality computers, connected to Internet satellite company Hughes Net (Direct Way) and installed in the network. In addition, a laptop, a projector and support will be available to the professor to facilitate learning for students. A list of software used in the best international schools will also be made available to learners such as: Click Trump: PC, CE, CE2 CM1 and CM2 program of Science, Geography, History and English so well.
The quality of our computers will also be ensured by a 40-kilowatt generator to be installed has the Institution bénéficière to avoid damage from the constant variations of the electric current of HRE.
Fuel costs and salary of all employees of the laboratory will be supported by the Collaborative Educational Project not to mention an annual reconsideration of the working conditions of teachers and the housewife who actively contribute to the formation of our dear Students.