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About Us

NEXT was founded in 2006 by an active group of focused and energetic people. The simple purpose of our organization is to promote the idea that every young person is a positive public resource and that every young person has creative and constructive talents and skills that should be nurtured and cultivated.

NEXT's overall aim is to promote youth-friendly environments and projects while stimulating the understanding that youth are an important resource in every community.

NEXT's main target group are 15 to 30 year olds from rural regions. The organization gives young people the opportunity to engage in informal educational activities and participation in projects and processes that contribute to local and national youth policy. From the very start, NEXT has been working to promote dialogue and cooperation between young people and decision makers at all levels.

NEXT focuses on the following types of activities:

- Young people participation in civil and voluntary activities

- Youth Culture and Leisure (i.e. the arts, music, local and regional festivals, etc.)

- Youth information (i.e. health, non-formal education, experiance learning opprotunities, etc.)

- International youth activities and large projects