Institute on Urban Health Research

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About Us

Mission Statement

The Institute on Urban Health Research (IUHR) was founded in response to serious and largely unmitigated disparities in the level of overall health and health care found in urban populations, particularly those of the urban poor, African-American and Latino communities. The mission of the IUHR at Northeastern University is to promote excellence in interdisciplinary community-based and basic research that leads to strategies that improve health in urban communities through a better understanding of the causes of disease, racial and ethnic health disparities and characteristics of urban environments related to health. To accomplish this mission, the IUHR:

Conducts research and expansion of knowledge through sponsored research on chronic health conditions and health services, and tests the efficacy of interventions to improve health problems. Promotes faculty scholarly leadership and student learning through the Faculty Scholars and Student Fellowship Programs in Urban Health Research. Disseminates knowledge on urban health through research and policy symposia, scholarly publications and presentations, and information for service providers and policy makers. Enhances connectivity across academic disciplines and with practitioners through collaborative research. Provides community service through the translation of research into practice. Founded in 2001, the IUHR has received millions of dollars in research and training grants. These are funded by a combination of federal, state, city, and foundation grants and by a President's Award given by Northeastern University President Richard M. Freeland and support from Bouv頃ollege of Health Sciences.