Butterfly Gardeners Association

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About Us

To make the butterfly the symbol for a new Earth consciousness and world peace. We promote environmental education, non-violence, and community involvement. We provide hope for a new future.

We have sponsored butterfly releases at the UN Earth Summit, the Hiroshima/Nagasaki Observances at the Lincoln Memorial & John Hopkin University, World Peace Festival, Woodstock celebration, and Bioneers Conference, and other sites. Received a citation from PA legislature for raising global conciousness and promoting world peace. We catalized butterfly habit projects all over the USA and appeared on CNN and other international news. Participated in the St. Francis celebration at the Cathedral of St. John the Devine and a butterfly parade in New York City. Reached over 10,000.

Next Steps: We plan to have 1000 groups endorsing the Earth Proclamation and Prayer origional of the Earth Rainbow Network. Earth Proclamation & Prayer WE ARE ONE PEOPLE... WE SHARE ONE PLANET... WE HAVE ONE COMMON DREAM... WE WANT TO LIVE I