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About Us

Stayin' Alive was conceived of by a group of entrepreneurial high school students in Melbourne, Florida as a simple but effective means to fight malaria. Dedicating their '07 Valentine's Day Dance to Malaria No More, the students raised $1,600 to support the fight against malarial mosquitoes and save lives.

Inspired by the efforts of the Florida students, Malaria No More is taking the program nationwide for the 2007-2008 school year! By dedicating a dance or series of dances to Malaria No More and committing to a $1,000 donation from the proceeds, schools can play a significant role in eradicating malaria. The First Lady, Laura Bush, recently endorsed the Stayin Alive program, and will be personally writing a letter to the participating schools. The Stayin Alive program is hoping to generate $10,000,000 in donations from high schools around the United States using school dances as a way to raise the funds. In addition, Stayin' Alive provides an excellent opportunity for peer education on malaria, a devastating, but often over-looked disease.