Labels Are For Jars

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About Us

Labels Are For Jars is a nonprofit that is raising money to fund the construction and ongoing operation of a meal center in Lawrence, MA. If you are unfamiliar with Lawrence, it is the poorest city in Massachusetts, and is rampant with crime, drugs, prostitution, homelessness, and hunger. It is a community so poor that often times working families must chose between paying the rent and buying groceries. Of Lawrence's families, 21.2 percent live below the poverty line, compared with 6.7 percent of the statewide population. An overwhelming 31.7 percent of children under age 18 in Lawrence live in households below the poverty line, as compared to 11.6 percent of children under age 18 statewide. Unbelievable conditions for a city just 25 miles north of Boston.

We are a group of volunteers who have come together in an effort to help improve Lawrence, and improve the lives of its men, women, and children. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible to feed as many hungry people as possible, and to do so we have designed a thought provoking black t-shirt, which in addition to looking great, helps to undermine societal labeling. The shirt is adorned with a commonly used negative label, such as "addict", "troubled teen", or "mentally ill" on the chest, and "Labels Are For Jars" across the back.

The shirts are sold from our website and through direct sales by high school and college students, who have a unique power to affect change in our society. Labels Are For Jars is comprised completely of volunteers, so every cent we collect is used to help feed the hungry in Lawrence.