Rural Mother & Child Health Care Society ( RMCHCS)

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About Us

The fundamental mission of the society is to develop and disseminate solutions to rural mother & child health,maternal health, mental health,Hiv/aids,maleria,tuberculosis,education,family planning,nutrition,water& sanitation, epi,human rights,legal aids ,social justice,women empowerment, advocacy,gendr- equality ,training ,shelter & re-building,relief & rehabilitation ,poverty alleviation and economical problems facing rural areas of bangladesh with emphasis on simple cost effective methods of prevention,alleviation,and management.

The "RURAL MOTHER & CHILD HEALTH CARE SOCIETY" was officialy formed in 1996 to broaden support and solutions to rural mother & child health & education, mother & child human rights, maternal health,mental health, Hiv/aids, maleria,tuberculosis ,family planning,nutrition,water & sanitation, epi,human rights,legal aids ,social justice, social security ,women empowerment,advocacy, gendr equalitytraining,shelter & re-building, emergency preparedness ,relief & rehabilitation,conflict re-solution , food security ,poverty alleviation and economical problems facing rural areas of bangladesh. campaigns and collaborations that promote women human rights, economic justice and the women empowerment, of low-income workers, their families and communities.

Our organizations working to strengthen and expand civil rights and the active & equal participation of women in our community. Our commitment to this work remains firm. Our strategy is to support the building of social movements by supporting organizing, which builds a sustainable mass base of activists in viable groups.

We do this on a range of issues and among constituencies all over the country. Our organization is committed to solving critical social problems and building the capacity of individuals, communities, and institutions to become more self-sufficient.

Our works in all the major areas of human development, with a focus on improving education, health, and economic opportunities for the least advantaged in our groups and all over the country.

Our vision

The support for mother & Children envisions a group & community where mother & children grow up to be productive, carring citizens of our global society.The support for mother & Children advances their human rights and dignity of women ,girls & children around the country.


Health,Education, is a basic human rights of all mother & children, regardless of their individual circumstances. Since its helping in 1996, the( RMCHCS ) has been committed to securing this right for the mother, child & girls.

RMCHCS is a human rights defenders organization designed specifically to target and strengthen small grassroots groups that improve health, education ,women & children human rights for them who would other wise be left behind.

These groups help to build the foundations of civil society by shaping local, regional, national, and even international policy and practices. As a central tenet of its mission, each RMCHCS groups offers non-formal/formal education and literacy programs to the women,girls & child it serves. RMCHCS’s seven portfolios are:

§ Mother & Child health. § Mother,girls & childrens human rights. § Emergency action. § Schools and Scholarships . § Hazardous Child Labor , Child , traffiking,Prostitution ,Exploitation and abuse. § The Distinctive Needs of Vulnerable Boys . § Security & protection of human rights defenders .


The Rural Mother & Child Health Care Society (RMCHCS) supports small, community-based programs that provide education and life skills training—including, but not limited to, job skills, the arts, multi-cultural awareness, conflict resolution, human rights awareness, health education, and environmental education—for vulnerable and underserved Mother,Girls and children. RMCHCS support Groups and projects that focus on seven specific issues:


The society improve health capabilities including mother & child health,maternal health,reproductive health,mental health,eye health,HIV/AIDS,malaria,tuberculosis, nutrition,immunization,sanitation,clean drinking water,family planning,arsenic mitigation through its various health programs for underserved groups & communities.


Rural Mother & Child Health Care Society helps the girls & children for the formal & non-formal education in our own education programs & others whos are studing in differiential school,colleges & universities.

some children ,especially the orphaned & handicapped,live in homes that provide for their total care ,children living with their families are assisted in ways that motivate the families and the surrounding community towards self reliance,Street children & girls especially brick chipper,waste picker,worker children,hawker children,house-hold worker children, porter children,sex worker childrenprostitute.

There are provisions for vocational training, functional education include all the facilities each beneficiaries in such a program receive needed assistance of education.


Rural Mother & Child Health Care society Responses to various natural disasters by meeting immediate needs for foods, clothing, shelter, clothing,treatment & medicine,the society also made a timely response to emergency needs resulting from cyclone and tidal waves in the coastal region and another areas of Bangladesh.


THE Society (RMCHCS) seeks to strengthen the human rights movements nationally through programs & support to local, national human rights groups & organizations,over the past decade, efforts to promote human rights have proliferated around the country,with activists often working under adverse and even dangerous conditions.

Despite of this critical work by grassroots human rights activists and increasing attention to human rights problems,many groups & organizations on the front lines of the human rights struggle have little or no access to the resources they need to expand the scope and impact of their work.

The RMCHCS is develop to meeting the needs of this groups and organizations by facilitating support for them where the need is great and the resources limited.


These are a few of the ways we like to improving the environment in our Countries with the help of Eco-Action. We provide support to individual & community groups at grass roots levels for protection of environment that have measurable, positive impacts on the environment. Priority for support is given to programs that will achieve results in the following areas:

CLIMATE CHANGE - programs that help improve air quality, for example, by reducing emissions that contribute to smog, climate change and ozone depletion.

CLEAN WATER - programs that reduce and divert the use of toxic substances, such as pesticides and hazardous household products, that affect water quality.

NATURE - programs that protect wild animals , plants,lands ,hills & mountains protect and improve the places where they lives & remain. Priority is given to programs that focus primarily on migratory birds and their habitat.

CLEAN AIR - programs focusing on reducing air emissions that contribute to smog and air toxics issues.

§ Hazardous Child Labor.--- Projects include removing child laborers from harmful workplaces, offering education and/or skills training that ensures enhanced life opportunities for former child laborers, influencing social and community norms regarding child labor and the greater value of education, providing educational opportunities that value the special needs of working children, etc.

§ Child Prostitution and Exploitation.-- Projects include providing alternatives to commercial sex work through education and/or skills training, removing child sex workers from the commercial sex industry, influencing social and community norms regarding commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking of children, rehabilitating or counseling former child sex workers, etc.

§ The Distinctive Needs of Vulnerable Boys.-- Projects include developing educational modules that teach peace and tolerance and that counteract negative and discriminatory cultural biases, removing boys from educational situations that teach intolerance, providing positive educational alternatives etc.

§ Schools and Scholarships.-- Projects include offering educational opportunities where none are available, providing education to underserved populations such as girls, minorities, and physically or mentally challenged children, providing scholarships to children whose families are unable to afford schooling, teaching life skills or vocational skills that empower young people, etc.

A general programs supports those Groups that do not fall under one of RMCHCS’s issue areas yet capture our imagination through their innovative approaches to advancing the human rights and life opportunities of children. For more information about each of these issue areas, please contacts with us.

While we recognize that every grassroots groups must individually tailor its approach to the environment of its community in order to be most effective, RMCHCS maintains a set of criteria that must be met by each groups or project that it supports.

§ The program’s activities must work to address the root causes of problems facing underserved or persecuted populations of women,girls & children and to empower these women & girls people to become positive agents of change within their communities through programs.

§ The planning, scheduling, and execution of the program’s activities must be responsive to the special needs of the group they serve.

§ The community must be involved in the execution and support of the program, including decision making and fund-raising.

§ The program must approach its work in an innovative and workable manner that values and incorporates the social, cultural, political, and economic norms of the community and leads to effective, systemic change.

§ Members of the staff or participants of the program’s activities must engage in formal or informal advocacy activities that address the root causes of the problems faced by the children or youth the program serves.

§ The programs has a clear plan for creating future sustainability through fund-raising, capacity building, community support, etc.

§ The program must value and encourage input from the young people it serves regarding the execution, planning, and evaluation of its activities.

§ The program is demonstrate fiscal responsibility.

§ The program is respect the ethnic, cultural, gender, or socio-economic diversity of the community in which it works, teaching the values of tolerance and diversity to the mother & children it serves. Special Projects and Programs:

RMCHCS discretionary supporting is responsive to timely opportunities to promote political participation and the visibility of peace and justice issues. Further education is an ongoing commitment of society(RMCHCS), which organizes frequent seminars and workshops on topics such as political participation, the changing economy and nonprofit leadership. These programs bring together outside experts.

A Message from the Executive director-------

The mother & child in rural areas always facing many challenges.They have few opportunities to over come their problems of poverty in their lives.

A short number of mother & child try to remove their problems under "Rural mother & child health care society "s programms.For this we want to continue providing free treatment,education, clothes,relief & rehabilitation,and foods to over of our15,000 beneficiaries child & child related family in all over the country,and saving all most as many lives.

we need your help to make this possiable & easier,you can spread your helps on R.M.C.H.C.S programms and more secure with a continuous child care trust .

R.M.C.H.C.S invests your donations held in trust , using the income to make sure ,your loving child has access to the ingridients of a bright future . is :

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--------Mr. Rafiq Executive Director