New Phoenix Assistance Center

  • IL


7624 S. Phillips Ave., #1A
United States

About Us

N.P.A.C.'s is a 501(c) nonprofit located in the southside of Chicago. Our mission is to provide quality scatter-site, transitional housing for those who are homeless. Currently, N.P.A.C.'s focus is on four major programs. The first program is transitional housing for homeless women, infected with HIV or diagnosed with AIDS, and their children. The second program is for HIV and non-HIV homeless individuals and intact homeless families. The third program is transitional housing for pregnant and/or parenting teen D.C.F.S. wards of the state. The forth program is outreach and prevention for runaway/throwaway homeless youth who are at a high risk of contracting a venereal disease, and are not aware of the resources available to them to stabilize their lives. In addition to these programs, N.P.A.C. provides case management, housing advocacy, and other supportive services necessary to maintain a high quality of family life, self determination, and independence in under-served community areas. The goal of N.P.A.C. is to help our clients reestablish their dignity, their independence, and their support network through which they can sustain family unity.